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For many years now, the standard formula for obtaining fleet repairs was to use a fixed network of repair bodyshops. Your fleet vehicles would be transported to the bodyshop, either under their own steam or by being towed, and then collected again when the repairs were complete. However, this long-established way of doing things has been challenged over the past year by a more flexible, intriguing innovation: mobile repairs.

Mobile repairs have always had a place in the repair industry, but primarily for smaller repair work; for example, windscreen replacements and the fixing of small chips or dents in paintwork. Anything more substantial than these simple repairs always needed to be conducted in a fixed-site bodyshop, but this has changed. New technologies and innovations now allow for mobile repairs to offer the kind of highly-sophisticated work that can now be competed on your doorstep.

Fleet Maintenance

Companies can now assess their repair needs over the phone during the initial First Notification of Loss (FNOL) phase of a repair and, if suitable, arrange for a mobile repair. These repairs can be carried out quickly and effectively, often at the place of your choosing, within a 1-day cycle time. Intelligent software can dictate whether a claim is mobile or fixed-site, further improving deployment accuracy. This optimisation could mean the difference between a fleet vehicle being off the road for days — as would be standard with a fixed-site bodyshop — and a matter of hours.

Cost Implications
When a vehicle is taken from operational duties to be repaired in the conventional way, your company will likely have to find the funds to pay for a replacement vehicle to ensure your service is able to operate as normal during the repair. This is an extra expense that, on top of the cost of the repair, is particularly difficult to manage. However, with mobile repairs, the expense can be significantly reduced as the repair is faster, there’s no collection or delivery of a vehicle and no need courtesy car is required.
Fixed-Site Bodyshops
If you are concerned mobile repairs will try to fix problems beyond their remit, then don’t be: all mobile repair technicians will be able to refer the issue to a fixed-site bodyshop should the matter be more severe than was anticipated. This means that you can be confident that all mobile repairs are genuinely viable solutions that have been performed for all the right reasons.

When mobile repairs are possible, you will be able to enjoy lower costs, enhanced convenience, and a quality repair that is able to get a vehicle back to its operational best as soon as possible. As a result, mobile repair services are a must for any professional fleet of vehicles. National Accident Repair Group can offer fleet maintenance managers deployment software, to not only deploy their vehicle to their network provider, but can intelligently detect a mobile repair or fixed-site claim. Please contact us for more information on mobile repairs, or for a demo of our latest Intelligent Deployment Software.