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Introducing Progression 2.0: how our technology is streamlining the repair journey

Here at National, we support our customers by providing proactive rather than reactive solutions – reducing cycle times for policyholders, saving costs on replacement vehicles and offering real-time accuracy on the progression of a repair.

By continually monitoring and developing automotive software, we’ve created an advanced progression technology, Progression 2.0, to provide a complete end-to-end service to insurers, fleet managers, bodyshops and policyholders.

This industry-leading software now initiates checkpoints before a vehicle reaches a bodyshop. This offers a huge advantage as the Progression Team at National can monitor the entire repair journey, ensuring adequate resources and timescales are available, as well as preempting and resolving any potential hold-ups without impacting or delaying the repair.

Progression 2.0, the ultimate control in vehicle repairs

We’ve developed Progression 2.0 to include essential touchpoints that must be checked before a vehicle reaches a bodyshop. Confirming details such as capacity, capabilities, available parts and timeframes so insurers can deliver accurate communication to their policyholders at each milestone.

Behind the scenes, National has a dedicated Progression Team that monitors Progression 2.0 to track the movement of individual repair processes, ensuring checks and milestones are met within timeframes and rapidly resolving any issues to keep things moving. Essentially, project managing the entire process to provide an effective and profitable repair cycle service.

The benefits of Progression 2.0

By optimising the latest automotive software, your team can stay in the loop and one step ahead for your policyholders. Backed by a dedicated Progression Team for expert advice and fast-tracking solutions.

Benefits for our customers

  • Tracking starts from the first deployment
  • Quicker repair turnarounds
  • Reassurance and accuracy at every stage
  • Progression Team to monitor and resolve any issues
  • Real-time updates and progression
  • Control of the entire repair journey
  • Reduces 3rd party claim confiscation
  • Cost-savings due to reduced waiting times

Smart software for a faster repair – the outcome

National is dedicated to consistently improving our current software to enhance the vehicle repair process for all parties involved. Progression was our previous groundbreaking repair tracking tool, implementing a ‘key-to-key’ traffic light system, which would progress a claim once the policyholder handed their keys to a bodyshop through to when they received the keys back.

Moving forward, Progression 2.0 and our Progression Team can now track the entire repair journey. Identifying any issues early on and implementing resolutions to minimise any delays or unnecessary costs. This latest technology provides a complete full-cycle service for our customers and offers a predetermined and accurate outcome for every repair job

Progress further with Progression 2.0

To learn more about Progression 2.0, head to our dedicated technology page and discover how we can support your vehicle repair processes. Alternatively, contact the National team today and start maximising the benefits of Progression 2.0 in your operations.

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The benefits of joining our Repairer Network

As one of the leading repair groups in the UK, National ARG works with multiple insurance companies to resolve daily vehicle claims and repairs.

We’ve built a responsive network of specialist repairers across the UK to offer customers a quick and reliable service. Each bodyshop has its valuable skillset and technology to deliver quality repair results.

6 Reasons Why You Should Join Our Network

01. Continual work into your bodyshop
Claim deployments are based on the customer’s vehicle type and location to pair them with the best repairer for their needs. This means you’ll receive first approval on any local requests. Accept as many jobs as your bodyshop capacity allows; this deployment workflow is constant and dependable.

02. Member benefits include
Along with the reassurance of consistent work for your business, joining the National network brings a range of additional benefits, including:

03. Low referral fees
When you accept a vehicle repair, the job passes into your repair control, and we take a low, transparent and fixed fee for each referral given.

04. Access to industry-leading tech
Our software provides instant communication to provide real-time updates regarding parts, repairs and timelines. You can connect with us immediately with Live Chat services, in-house management support, and the latest Progression software. Improving efficiency, consistency and customer satisfaction.

05. Working with Bluechip insurance companies
We’re proud to say all our members are accredited to BS 10125. Not only will you also hold this accreditation, but you can rest assured you’ll be working with large Insurance and Fleet providers, providing them a direct first-class service.

06. Be a part of a community
We’ve dedicated years to working and building strong partnerships with our bodyshop network across the UK. With over 500 bodyshops already taking advantage of incoming work, we can confidently provide a suitable solution for any vehicle, model, make or type of damage. We offer training, software, great part rates and more.

Man working on repairing bumper of car

Who can join the National Repairer Network?

Our aim is to improve the vehicle claims and repair process by working with reliable and reputable repairers throughout the UK. This includes repair centres with specific equipment and capabilities for particular repairs. With this in mind, we welcome repairers for cars, electric vehicles, motorhomes, HGVs and LCVs. Each member is measured against key performance indicators to ensure we’re all meeting the standards offered to our customers.

How do I join the Repair Network?

You won’t regret joining one of the largest repair networks in the UK. To submit your interest, head to our Join our Repairer Network page and complete the online form. One of the team will then contact you to discuss the next steps and provide further information.

New Co-members in National’s Customer Care Team

National Accident Repair Group are delighted to announce 9 new co-members to the Doncaster office, allowing for the expansion of the customer care team.

The new roles were created due to multiple new contract successes, where a key objective is to handle more claims within the existing claims centre. The newly onboarded clients will not only receive additional support from the newest co-members but will also benefit from the latest Progression software investments allowing for a more automated repair progression service. The internally used Progression software helps to monitor and improve vehicle repair times across a network of over 500 UK Bodyshops. Co-members are being trained in its operations and that will allow a more controlled vehicle repair, all coordinated from the Doncaster Head Office.

Furthermore, National’s Live Chat service has allowed customers and policyholders to directly communicate with internal teams in a more convenient way. The newest co-members will be using this software, alongside Progression, to give immediate repair updates when it’s requested.

Emma Barker, Claims Director for National Accident Repair Group said:

“We understand the importance of being able to give immediate repair updates to our clients and policyholders. Having dedicated teams to use our latest software innovations allows us to scale our operations and onboard new customers at a faster pace. That’s why we’re investing in our technology and Customer Care team, to offer unrivalled service and a more immediate response to queries and complications. We’re here for our customers and we’re very excited to scale our Doncaster operation.”

Welcoming the newest co-members to the Doncaster office is the first phase of National’s 2023 growth plan.