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Customer Care

As a network of leading bodyshops, the National Accident Repair Group is synonymous with high-quality workmanship and first-rate customer care. All our members believe in the importance of promising our customers excellence, and are committed to keeping our promises so that our customers can be sure of consistent, quality care throughout the repairs process.

Every time a customer contacts us, or we contact them, we promise to:

  • Listen, and do our best to help
  • Treat them with respect, being polite and considerate of their needs
  • Try to get things right first time

As well as this, our bodyshops will:

  • Employ technicians that are knowledgeable and experienced, and can advise customers
  • Aim to see customers within five minutes if they have an appointment, and 15 minutes if they do not
  • Provide customers with timely updates

On the telephone, bodyshop staff will:

  • Answer within five rings, giving their name
  • Take messages for colleagues where necessary
  • Respond to messages within two hours

When booking customer appointments, we will:

  • Make appointments at times that suit the customer, wherever possible
  • Arrange a home visit if requested
  • Tell customers as early as possible if something changes and we need to move their appointment

When visiting a customer at home, we will:

  • Arrive on time wherever possible
  • Call ahead if we are held up and are going to be late
  • Show ID on arrival

When we receive a letter, email or other correspondence, we will:

  • Acknowledge it within five working days, within two hours if it is a complaint
  • Take on board any suggestions that we can, learn from our mistakes, and change our ways of working accordingly
  • Aim to resolve any complaint within 10 working days, or explain why we can’t