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There are many everyday incidents and events that will require people to book in for assistance or service, in our industry it’s accident repair. In the connected era, people want responsiveness and they want it right here, right now.

National Accident Repair Group has launched a digital platform allowing customers to book their own repairs online, with just a few simple clicks. Introducing iDeploy, a self-serve app built for intelligent claim deployment.

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Self-Serve App
Capacity Is Managed


National Accident Repair Group’s weDeploy software harnesses our unique 'intelligent deployment system' (IDS), with real-time information on each of its more than 300 BSI-accredited body shops across the UK. weDeploy is a software solution provided by National, to their clients, to book their repair from their remote computer.

This cloud based solution filters body shops by expertise and availability, allowing insurers and fleet managers to be confident their policyholders' vehicles are being sent to the right place at the right time to guarantee a top-quality repair and a fast turnaround.

Harnesses real-time bodyshop information
Links seamlessly with ActiveWeb
Guarantees a faster vehicle deployment
To discuss any of your requirements with one of our expert team please call 0330 1000 270 or email us at info@national-arg.co.uk