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The Journey

Registers a vehicle at a specified repairer location
Monitors a vehicle’s ‘progression’ in the repair journey
Sends direct comms between National and the repairer
Tracks and minimalises any potential repair delays
Reports on every repair, from start to road safe repair
The system is fully automated, limiting any manual issues

Introducing Progression

Within a busy repairer environment, keeping an accurate account of each vehicle deployment can be a difficult task. It takes planning in advance of the vehicle arriving on-site, including receiving the correct service agreement, evaluating the damaged vehicle and ordering the right parts and as quickly as possible. This type of process is where timing and accuracy is absolutely key.

National have created a system that minimises delays in the repair of a vehicle, known as ‘Repair Progression’ contained within National’s leading management system. This solution is a cloud-based communication and tracking portal, linking the repairer and National’s central services team. The system acts as a pro-active and productive way to follow the progression of a vehicle through its repair journey.

Progression identifies and solves problems in real-time, it has an in-built notification system, it flags part delays and keeps track of a job throughout its repair. National’s team have control of a repair, can plan for any unexpected delays and can often solve many issues before they escalate into delays. This system is used by National’s repair network with connection to a number of third parties including Activeweb.

Every repair is ‘progressed’ at a repairer level where the system records cycle times, a bodyshops efficiency and the expected delivery of a fixed and road safe vehicle.

National are a collaborative group of the UK’s leading accident repair centres, creating the largest accident repair network in the UK

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