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As the largest, fully BSI accredited repair network in the UK, we have vast experience and expertise in providing accident repair solutions to the leading insurers in the industry.

The BS 10125 kitemark certification is only given to repair centres who have the technical proficiency, management systems and process, to operate and deliver to the highest standards. This, and a deep understanding of the industry, are key to providing the solutions insurers need and at National, we have worked hard to achieve this.

Customer journey is of shared importance to us and our insurer clients. From First Notice of Loss (FNOL) and deployment of work, through to repair management, progression and claims triage, all encompassed by our award-winning technology; National continually monitor and develop each stage of the process to ensure optimum quality and efficiency is achieved.

We develop and maintain close, strong working relationships with our insurer clients in order to deliver their requirements from our reliable and dynamic repair network. Confident in the belief that working this way, we are able to achieve our joint objectives and exceed targets.

Specialists in

  • Fixed site accident repairs
  • Manufacturer Approved repairs
  • LCV
  • HGV
  • Motor Home
  • Express repairs
  • Mobile repairs

Why National for Insurers?

FNOL and Engineering

Technology and Deployment

Repair Management

Claims Triage, Repair Progression and Customer Care

In-house call handling except OOH which is handled by a vetted, award-winning FNOL partner.
FTE call ratios on average – Fault 30 per day | Non-Fault 15 per day | OOH 4.4 per day.
Over 30 years’ experience in preparing for adverse work surges including weather and seasonality to ensure SLA’s are met.


Targeted desktop engineers based in-house, work with a trusted partner of National, using our strong IT capability allowing automation and data check functionality.

Cloud based IT allows for real time SLA, cost and case note MI.
FTE Engineering ratio per annum on average – 261 working days per year | 9135:1 desktop 1566:1 physical.
Capacity to carry out over 1,500 inspections per month.

Handled by our award-winning, self-serve software applications, streamlining the process for both insurer and policyholder;

iDeploy – allows policyholders to choose when and where their vehicle is repaired, 24 hours per day, seven days per week and book at their convenience. An ‘approved claim’ for vehicle repair can be deployed by the claimant within four simple steps using any device, including mobile
weDeploy- Allows our insurer clients to interface with our internal systems to deploy claims themselves into the National network while working with their customer.
Our Intelligent Deployment System (IDS) interface links with all generic operating systems, allowing for automated inbound instructions from our insurance clients to be taken in, and deployment of work out to a repair centre to commence.

Repair management includes everything from repair centre training and capacity assessment through to audit, and we pride ourselves on the stringency of our checks for quality, safety and customer satisfaction.

Real-time repair capacity of each repairer – checked overall weekly and counted down online in real-time as repairs are booked in
Repairers identified by category including capacity, EV, aluminium and by manufacturer approval
Once a member of the National network, repair centres are contracted in and subject to regular audits both online and offline and must carry out regular training updates.

The customer is centric to National and we strive for customer journey excellence. Our claims triage process ensures that the work is sent to the correct repairer with the suitable capabilities, and Repair Progression keeps customers up to date as to the repair of their vehicle. Both functions are pivotal to the overall customer experience.

Triage allocates the work to the appropriate method of repair including Mobile Repair, Fixed Site Repair or specialist/express.
Our unique Repair Progression software identifies and solves problems in real-time. With an in-built notification system, it flags parts delays and keeps track of a job throughout its repair.
National’s dedicated team have control of a repair, monitoring and planning for any unexpected delays, and can often solve many issues before they escalate, ensuring excellent customer care.

National's Vision

We strive to improve and streamline the accident repair process for our customers, repairers and insurers, through continued investment in technology, innovation and people.

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Corporate Brochure

We work with some of the world’s leading insurers, offering quality in repair and all tracked through our award winning software. Download our brochure for more information and case study examples.

Same-day Repair

Same-day vehicle repairs are a focus area for the business, reducing key-to-key times and providing the ultimate in customer convenience. We are able to offer convenient, affordable and high-quality vehicle repairs at Tesco Extra stores across the country and by using our mobile van network.

Stretching the full length and breadth of the UK, our extensive coverage provides the perfect repair solution for Policyholders with minor panel damage. Combine this with our vast knowledge and experience in the automotive claims sector, we are able to provide a reassuring tone when our customers need a cost effective solution.

Our Network

Here at National we are very proud to boast one of the largest networks of repairers throughout the UK with 450+ centres repair and our network is continuing to expand.

Each and every one of our centres carry the BS10125 Accreditation along with the BSI Kitemark of Approval and they are measured against Key Performance Indicators on an ongoing basis to ensure that they all maintain the levels of excellence that we insist upon. Our network has specialist repairer centres for different body type vehicles including centres for Cars, Electric vehicles, Hybrid vehicles, LCV/ Vans, HGV and Motor homes.

ADAS Calibration

ADAS (Advanced driver-assistance systems) is the electronic system that assists you whilst driving your vehicle for increased road safety. These systems are common in newer vehicles including electric and hybrid engine types. ADAS functions include autonomous emergency braking, lane assist, traffic assistance and more.

ADAS Re-set capabilities

A ‘re-set calibration’ process is carried out to correct the alignment of cameras and sensors after a collision. Faults can be swiftly diagnosed using the latest scanning equipment found at all our repair centre sites, where issues are quickly discovered and a ‘reset’ or ‘restore’ function is carried out.

This work is tracked and reported on, all within our systems that monitor vehicle repair progression.

Electric and Hybrid

National has a growing network of over 300 repair centres with electric and hybrid repair capabilities.

We have strict minimum standards of repair and procedure in place and our repairers are required to qualify with a minimum level 2 electric vehicle and ATA certification before they are permitted to work on any vehicle repair.

Research shows increased purchases of electric/hybrid vehicles and we expect it to rise. National will adapt with insurers to accommodate this and making sure the customer experience is kept positive, cycle times are kept down and overall disruption is reduced; regardless of the type of engine involved.

BSI Kitemark Approved

UK wide coverage

Industry Leading Software

Cost Effective Management

Transparent Repair Model