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Progression 2.0

Full Cycle Repair Management Technology

Progression 2.0 is a cloud-based solution within our unique digital platform to support you and your policyholders. It offers early touchpoints before a vehicle reaches a body shop to help prevent any delays. Linking insurers and repairers to National’s Central Service Team to deliver a proactive and productive solution in following the progression of a vehicle through its repair journey.

This latest software enhances the ‘key-to-key’ metric previously used to track a vehicle repair journey. Progression 2.0 now includes pre-body shop arrival checks to create an efficient solution for the entire repair circle. Our in-house Progression Team follows these checkpoints to minimise delays and provide accurate, real-time information from when a claim deploys through to the vehicle being returned.


Why Choose Us?

The Benefits of Progression 2.0

Technological advancements, such as Progression 2.0, offer many advantages to the automotive repair industry, including:

  • Faster repair cycle times
  • Limit 3rd party claim confiscation
  • A full tracking solution, from first deployment to completed repair
  • Reassurance and accuracy at every stage of the repair
  • Cloud-based communication
  • Control of the entire repair journey
  • Enhanced customer service touchpoints

How does Progression 2.0 work?

Our Progression 2.0 software module identifies and resolves problems at any stage of the repair journey in real-time. With in-built notifications, it creates comprehensive reports for our Progression Team so any delays or issues are instantly flagged for National to quickly resolve and keep the job moving forward. Ultimately providing reassurance in the information being passed between all parties for a swift outcome.

Step 1

Policy holder contacts their insurer to make a claim.

Step 2

Claim is deployed as the insurer assigns a repairer.

Step 3

Easily track the vehicle’s repair journey.

Step 4

Monitor comms between repairer and policyholder.

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