National Accident Repair Group Are Ready For The Electric Charge

As a result of the UK Government’s 2030 net-zero target along with people’s commitment to a cleaner environment, sales of high voltage vehicles, Hybrid (HEV), Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) and Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) are increasing at an incredible rate.

2021 will see no less than 28 new BEV models alone.

Electric vehicle sales within the Fleet market are growing rapidly with over 1-in-4 ordered vehicles being pure electric (BEV). Benefit in kind (BIK) taxes are dramatically reduced and charging port anxiety is becoming a thing of the past due to the growth of nationwide charge points.

Retail sales are also growing as manufacturers are producing more affordable vehicles.

Here at National Accident Repair Group, we are committed to ensuring that our network of repairers can provide our clients with UK cover for these specialist vehicles. National already have 183 locations with either IMI, City & Guilds level 3, or Manufacturer qualifications for high voltage vehicle repairs, providing our clients with full UK postcode cover. To fulfil our EV commitment, National work with Thatcham Research to offer our network a comprehensive training program to make all staff ‘high voltage aware’.

Dean Lander, head of repair services at Thatcham Research comments:

“We recognise the immense challenges facing repair networks with the growth of electric vehicles and are working closely with the industry to develop guidance, awareness and training on how to manage and repair EVs. It is great to see this commitment by National to develop a repair network with trained and qualified technicians that will ensure both the safety of technicians, and safe and effective repairs.”

Malcolm Banner, National’s MD commented:

“National has an ongoing commitment to our clients to provide a comprehensive service level ensuring all customers receive a first-class service. National along with Thatcham will offer our network a comprehensive training program ensuring that all staff are high voltage aware. National’s Intelligent Deployment System (IDS) has the ability to identify and deploy these vehicles to the appropriate repair site.”

Within 2021, National are ready to lead the way in the electric vehicle repairs, making a significant investment into this area of repair expertise.