National Accident Repair Group Celebrate 15 Years In Business

Born from the idea to bring an innovative and highly customer-focused approach to UK-wide accident repair, the company launched in 2009 and was joined shortly after by now Managing Director Malcolm Banner in 2010.

From the origins of ten regional repair groups joining forces to tender nationally, National has positively and effectively adapted to ever-changing factors, from industry delays and increased costs to the advancements in digital technology and EV vehicles. Our intuition has enabled us to steadily expand over the years, meeting our ongoing aspirations whilst maintaining strong and trusted relationships – all of which we continue to do today.

With operations led by our high-tech Doncaster offices and marketing communications based in Northampton, we have grown organically, enabling us to evolve and widen our service offerings with more room to flourish.

We continue to develop our award-winning software, delivering drastically improved customer and client journeys and uniquely providing the flexibility of self-serve; regional repair deployment has elevated our business. These improvements and bringing together over 450 bodyshops and repair centres across the UK to work with National have given us some of our proudest moments.

We’re proud to say that National is so much more than accident repair. We are a dedicated services and solutions provider with some of the industry’s leading blue-chip insurance clients partnering with us. We’ve also expanded into HGV, LCV, and electric/hybrid to meet our client’s needs, but we know there’s still lots more to do, and future changes are only just around the corner. We firmly believe the key to giving our clients and their subsequent customers the best experience is innovation and progress, ahead of market need, and this is something we will always strive to deliver on.

The industry as a whole is constantly changing; the future is technology and highly eco-conscious. With this in mind, we intend to grow in size (both in our offices and our repairers’ network), knowledge, experience and support to remain leaders in motor repair claims and trusted partners for insurers and repair centres.

We’re incredibly proud of everything we’ve achieved, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for National.